Is It Safe to Miss Taking Your Medications?

Is It Safe to Miss Taking Your Medications?

As we age, we often experience medical conditions that affect the way we live. Many seniors even choose to reside in senior living communities as they face these medical conditions. Of course, many of us treat this through medications.

But when your medical conditions pile up, so do your medications. This can make it hard for seniors to manage, which causes them to miss a dose. Before they know it, they start missing medications more frequently.

As an assisted living facility in Miami, we want to spread awareness of what happens when this habit persists. Let’s discuss the dangers of missing your medications.

For one, your treatment will likely fail if you do not take your medications as prescribed. This can waste time, money, and effort. You may even have to start all over again if you continue to not take them.

As a result, your medical condition won’t heal. This puts your overall health at risk. Your conditions might become harder to treat.

Also, when you do not take your medications as needed, your illness might lead to more serious complications. This will put your overall health at risk and will most likely require a new treatment plan.

Some medications also have to be taken to control certain variables in your body. For instance, insulin is taken by those who have diabetes to control their blood glucose levels. When they do not take this, they will suffer immediate consequences that put their lives in danger.

Make sure your medications are well managed with us here at Loving Family Senior Care. We offer assisted living in Miami, Florida, that ensures your or your loved ones’ needs are met. Call us today for your inquiries.

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